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Sunday, 8 May 2011

This morning I was awoken by my little red head Bitty... telling me, "HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY MOMMY!!!"

"Well Happy Valentine's Day to you too honey", I replied back to her....

At about that same time, Miss Nay-Nay (my 9 year old) yells up the stairs "NO! tell her happy MOTHER'S is mother's day...not Valentine's day"....

"Ah! that is right!....Happy Muzer's Day ..mama" Bitty says to me with the BIGGEST grin.

As I smiled back to her and said, "thank you sweetie" I looked at the clock to see the time...6:45 a.m. it read..

"Come and eat you's breakfast that we's made you mama" Bitty says to me...

"whoa...It is to early" I whine..."I thought I get to sleep in today since it is my special day?"

"Nope...we's made you's breakfast and you's need to come eat it now" she orders me.

"Who's in charge of this operation?" I ask..."Bring her up to me"...I respond back to Bitty.

"Ok..." she giggled and ran off calling to Nay-Nay..."MAMA NEEDS YOU NAY-NAY"....I heard her saying as she hopped down each stair.

"yes...mommy?" Nay-Nay asks as she comes into my room.

" is sooOOOooOOooooOOOo early! I thought today I get to sleep in?" I ask her.

"ah...ok mommy...what time do I come back up to get you then?" she asks me.

"How about...3 this afternoon" I tell her and smile as I get up out of bed to walk with her to the table...

The girls had made me toast...and in the center of the 2 pieces of toast I notice a tiny circle of bread...So I ask, "What is this circle of bread for?...It is so cute"...Nay-Nay then pointed out to me how they had spelled "MOM" with the bread.

"How cool is that", I said out loud to them....I am still in awe of how it really did look like the word MOM! and how they thought that one out!

"Here are the cards we made you Mommy.." Woo-Woo says as she hands over 4 envelopes to me.

"READ MINE FIRST MAMA!" Bitty yells out...

"NO! READ MINE FIRST MOMMY"  Woo-Woo argued back...

Before WW3 broke out...I looked at Bitty and said..."Hey honey..I thought we weren't gonna fight today? asked what I wanted for Mother's Day...and that is what I told fighting"...

"Oh mama...don't worry" she smiles over to me..."I am not gonna fight with you...I am just gonna fight with her"....

HA! Alright then...I thought to myself as I giggled.

After going through the girls' cards and reading them out loud to them and thanking each one of them for their beautiful artwork and words....I hear

"Don't forget Bubba's card mama"...Bitty says as she shoves the envelope at me.

"yes...thank you Bitty", I say as I opened the envelope and pulled the card out..."PARTY TIME!!!" I read, "YOU'RE INVITED TO TYLER'S 11TH BIRTHDAY BASH" (I am still laughing over this)

"huh?" Nay-Nay says..."I must have not grabbed the right envelope from Bubba's backpack this morning"...

I laughed and laughed and thanked them for everything. I hugged each of them and told them how they were making me some good memories...I also let them know that I'd be sure to take lots of photos and let them in on all the details of Tyler's Birthday party ;)

Happy Valentine's Day to all you Mamas out there! Hoping your special day is a WONDERFUL mine has been!!